About The Parker Area Historical Society



The mission of the Parker Area Historical Society (PAHS) is to study, record, preserve and make available the history of the Parker and surrounding areas by encouraging historic research, recording historic events and sites, promoting preservation and restoration projects, and by publicly displaying historic artifacts and literature. It is the aim of this society to support this goal in accordance with the educational purposes outlined in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding section of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.

Since its inception, PAHS shared local history and culture with the community and preserved as much of the material remains of Parker's past as possible.  To achieve this, PAHS holds monthly meetings and lectures, as well as annual outings and events designed to educate the public about early frontier life. The Society has created a very accurate diorama depicting our town in the WWI era, which is housed in Parker's 1914 Consolidated School building (now called Mainstreet Center). PAHS has also been involved in preservation efforts in the town, including Parker's 20 Mile House, which contained the community's first post office.  PAHS owns and maintains Parker's only remaining log structure, the Tallman/Newlin Cabin.  PAHS holds free, family-oriented events for the public every year, including the popular Parker Quest.


PAHS is in the process of creating a new museum, the Parker Heritage Center, on the main floor of Parker's Mainstreet Center (19650 E. Mainstreet). Much of the Heritage Center is finished and though it is a work-in-progress, you are welcome to visit! It is open any time the Mainstreet Center itself is open.


Our current Board of Directors is as follows: Jan Truskolaski, President; Catherine Traffis, Vice President; Ray Traffis, Treasurer; Susan Knapp, Secretary; Robin Thomson, Member-at-large; and Judy McKenna, Member-at-large.