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Ruth Memorial Chapel

The very early settlers of the Pine Grove / Parker area had little opportunity for religious services. Most of the time religious services were held in homes and occasionally a circuit rider, an itinerant preacher of the Protestant faith, would come to the area and gather their flocks at a local schoolhouse for a service. Evidence of such an event was published in the Castle Rock Record Journal of October 31, 1888. “In response to our small pleading in last week's issue of this Journal, there were religious services held in the Parker School House Sunday afternoon last week. We understand they are to continue one Sunday of each month. Let the good work go on.” Periodic services were also held from time to time in the Hill Top and Allison School Houses. The two earliest circuit riders were John L. Dyer and a Mr. McClure.


Services began being held on a regular basis when in 1909 the Reverend Shay and family moved to the area and began holding weekly Sunday services at the Allison School House. About the same time, Reverend Varner and family purchased a ranch in the area. He ultimately became involved in church activities. The Reverend Varner officiated at the funeral of James S. Parker. As the population of the area was increasing steadily, in 1911 talk of a regular church building began being proposed. By February of 1912, action committees were formed for the building of a church.The trustees for the new church were Dr. Walter L. Heath, Walter M. Lewis, Neil M. Duncan, J. H. Bassell, Edward W. Hoskins, and F. B. Hood.


A site made up of land donations by George Parker and Walter L. Heath was acquired. Work was begun in late February of 1912. In March of that year, Dr. Heath passed away suddenly. The name Ruth Memorial was chosen for the new church in honor of a child of Dr. Heath's who had died at an early age.


The first gathering held in the new church was held on June 14th, 1912. A dedication of the new facility was held May 25th, 1913.


This building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been landmarked by the Town of Parker.

Want to book a wedding in the chapel? This venue can be rented through the Town of Parker. Simply go to

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