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Hood House

Location: The Hood House has been relocated from its original site in Historic Old Town Parker to Parker's Preservation Park.  The park can be found on Parker Road at Valley Hi Drive.​

In September of 1911, F. B. Hood came to Parker to become not only a stock holder in the newly-formed Parker State Bank, but the bank's cashier and manager as well. As living accommodations were not readily available, he purchased some land from Dr. Walter Heath on Rural Road just south of the Heaths' own home, in what was known as the Vermont addition to Parker. He immediately secured a builder and started construction on a new two-story home.


The Hoods moved into their new house in December of 1911. At the time they had three children: Winfred, Helen, and Florence. The children initially attended the Parker Schools, but as they grew older they were sent to better schools, first in Aurora, then in Castle Rock.


Fred immersed himself in local business and social activities. He and another bank director, Harold Senter, acquired a Ford distributorship for the local area and sold Model T Fords out of the bank. He was a trustee of the Ruth Memorial Episcopal Church and assisted in their efforts to build a church building. He was the secretary of the Parker Coronet Band, and occasionally clerked at various farm and ranch auctions. Fred eventually turned political and made a successful run for Douglas County Commissioner. In 1914, the Hoods moved out of their home in Parker and over to the county seat at Castle Rock. They initially rented the house to the Robinson family, but in 1915 sold the house to Mrs. Jewell, mother of R. C. Jones, who had just purchased the old D’Arcy store.


During the 1921 robbery of the Parker State Bank, Hood was in the bank’s conference room in discussion with a customer and was totally unaware of the crime being committed.


Interestingly, this home was one of only two buildings in Parker that did not sustain any damage during a flood on Tallman Gulch in 1912.


Information for this brief was obtained from various articles in Record Journal and A Guide to Historical Sites in Parker by F.B. McLaughlin.

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